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Men's Custom Balance Bracelet

$ 79.00

Men's Custom Balance Bracelet made especially for men. Choose from gemstones: Tigers Eye, Onyx, Carnelian, Pyrite, and more. Handknotted for durability!

This Balance bracelet is handmade with premium natural stones selected to enhance strength and balance. My first men's balance bracelet was made for my husband, who is an avid mountain biker...he wears it daily and enjoys the compliments he gets daily as well!

Each bracelet is made to order and will vary slightly from the picture shown (due to variation in natural stones). You may also customize with your own selection of stones if you like.

Precious stones used in this bracelet are:

Onyx: Stone of Stamina - recommended for athletes to increase strength, endurance, vigor, determination, grounding, also helps release past attachments to people, places, things, helps in letting go
Jasper: Stone of Grounding and stability
Pyrite: Stone of Protection - blocks negativity, motivates physically and strengthens the mind
Turquoise: Stone of Protection - said to help prevent falls, stone for truth, spiritual attunement, communication...aids in meditation
Rudraksha Seeds: increase immunity, energy, stamina,
Tiger Eye: Stone of Strength, courage, protection
Carnelian: Stone of Courage, passion, energy, creativity, leadership
Garnet: Stone of Passion - love, boldness, grounding

Handmade in Colorado!
Length of this bracelet measures 8"-8 1/2"... The best way to get the right size is to measure your wrist and add 1/4"-1/2" - this is your bracelet size.

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