Our Story

Seed of Intention was born from my desire to create....to create my own path, my own life's work, and to bring joy to others.  I first learned of mala beads through my yoga practice and was quickly inspired to make my own. I wanted a design that was unique and made with the best quality natural gemstone beads I could find.  

I opened my Etsy shop February 2015 and as my little shop began to bloom, I realized that through crafting custom malas, I could spread my message of living with intention and setting our own path.  With the help of a local non-profit, Mile High Workshop I am on my journey to spread the power of intention and and self-realization.

Mile High Workshop, located in Denver CO, creates employment opportunities and provides job training for members of our community seeking to rebuild from addictions, homelessness, and incarceration. 

In the winter of 2015 I began working closely with Mile High Workshop to teach the art of making malas, the intention that goes into them, as well as the special meaning they bear for their owners.  

It is always such an honor for me when I send a handmade mala into the world for its future owner. To think that someone will be wearing and enjoying my art is the greatest compliment.  

I am inspired by the power of intention...our individual strengths...the power of nature...and the spirit of small business! I hope you find something that inspires you here too.

Whether you choose Malas for spiritual growth, or just beautiful jewelry, I hope you find something you love! 

...What is your Intention?


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