I am Strong & Powerful - from Mantra to Mountain

I am Strong & Powerful - from Mantra to Mountain

It's an unseasonably warm and beautiful November day in Moab Utah.  I've just begun an 8.7 mile bike ride surrounded by rugged red rock cliffs in a surreal desert landscape.  I should be basking in nature's beauty and drinking in each stunning vista, but instead I am frustrated and struggling to summit a steep rocky trail on my mountain bike. I'm only 15 minutes into the ride and I'm giving up on myself already.

Just a few wobbly moves and a stretch of walking my bike rather than riding it, and I'm ready to turn around and head back to the comfort of my air-conditioned, Trailside SUV.  "It's just not my day, it's OK, I can do this another time.  I'm tired and weak." are the thoughts that creep in now.  Then a hopeful smile emerged in my mind and although it felt futile at first, that seemingly little innervoice spoke up and said "I am Strong and Powerful". It was followed by one strong crank on my bike pedal thrusting me up the dreaded hill. Then it came again, "I am Strong and Powerful", followed by another strong crank on my pedal. By the third crank up the hill this simple phrase had become my mantra. Pedal, Mantra, Pedal, Mantra… All the way to the top.  My legs felt strong, my lungs capable, and my balance unwavered. I finished my (at first grueling and challenging) 8.7 mile bike ride with gas in the tank and the energy and motivation to continue beyond the trailhead.  

No energy bars or sports drinks pumped me up that hill. It was my own power of self-motivation and intention. When I had begun the journey I felt tired and weak, and those were exactly the words echoing in my mind as I labored up the rocky trail. I had recently studied the seven chakras and designed a jewelry collection with gemstones and charms to represent each of these chakras. The third chakra, known as the Solar Plexus Chakra represents strengh and willpower.  In this moment of desperation I dug deep, summoned my third chakra, and harnessed my own Power of Intention.

Reaching the top of HyMasa Trail (photo above) was rewarding and epic...it is one of the most scenic overlooks in Moab, UT.  Just like so many trails and trials in life, the view is worth the work.  

If you tell yourself you are tired and weak, you will be. Maybe it ties into our ego? We don't want to prove ourselves wrong, right? However, if you tell yourself you are strong and powerful, you will be… Exactly that. Our self-talk, innervoice, or whatever you want to call it, is working on us every moment, of every day. It is shaping our reality.

What is yours telling you? 



Amanda Jaten

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