How to Manifest Your Intentions in a Custom Mala Made for You!

How to Manifest Your Intentions in a Custom Mala Made for You!

So you've been searching the internet for days...You may have been visiting local yoga studios and boutiques on your quest for the perfect mala that you connect with.  

Why not have a mala necklace made specially for you and infused with your intention?

Having custom prayer beads made for yourself or a loved one is a special and intimate process.  Don't have design skills?  Don't worry!  A mala designer can guide you on your journey.

As a Mala designer myself, my passion is translating my client's intentions into a beautiful wearable work of art!  Here is a snapshot of the steps I follow in creating custom prayer beads.

When a client inquires about have a custom mala made these are the questions I start with:

1. Who is this Mala for?

Is this Mala Bead Necklace for you or is it a gift?

2. What is your intention for this piece?  What do you want to invite into your life?
3.  A Little About You or the Recipient of This Mala

If you have a recent or past experience that is influencing your desire for this intention, this mala, please share!  The more I know about you, the better!

4. What colors and/or stones are you drawn to right now?  What colors/stones would you like to avoid?

***Special Note: Consider that you may need to go outside of your comfort zone and be open to new colors/stones as you are creating new habits, patterns, and inviting new intentions.

Great Example: A woman commissioned me to make a special mala bracelet for her friend.  She wanted this bracelet to represent flexibility, love, joy, and openness for her friend.  When we discussed the colors her friend is drawn to  (most often wears), they conflicted with the stones that would best represent the desired intentions.  It was clear that the first step to inviting these new energies was to start with this new color palette!  We worked together to design a custom mala bracelet made with gemstones that represented these new intentions, but also balanced by the tones and colors her friend would love!

5. What size would you like the beads/necklace to be?  

Each Mala is made with 108 beads and the size varies from 6mm-10mm.  8mm beads is the most common and traditional size.  I like to vary the sizes often amidst a pattern to create a truly unique, artistic mala necklace.  The length of most mala bead necklaces ranges from 28" - 32".

6. How would you like your Mala Necklace made?  

Handknotting is the traditional fashion in which each bead is beautifully secured with hand-tied knots.  This is my favorite way to create a Custom Mala.  For cost savings, I also offer a version where the stones are strung on cord and separated by tiny beads (that provide spacing like knots).  Would you like it finished with a bead and tassel? I also offer lockets and gemstone pendants.

7. Do you like variety or consistency?  Randomness or Pattern?  

A tibetan lady once taught me the process which I now call the "Universe Design".  In this process I place all beads for your Custom Mala into a white bowl and without looking, I let the Universe decide which order they will be strung onto the Mala!  I have seen some amazing Mala Beads result from this process!  However, if you don't like spontaneity and randomness, this may not be for you!

8. Layout Time!

Once the stones have been selected I create layouts.  With your feedback, I will create as many layouts needed - but typically the perfect Mala layout reveals itself by the 3rd try!

9. Your Work is Done! :)
10. Time to Make Your Mala!

Custom Mala Beads take 3-5 business days to be handmade and shipped.  Shipment is via USPS Priority Mail for fast, insured, reliable delivery.  Your Mala will come with a card identifying the gemstones used, along with a cotton bag for storing.  Your Mala will be enclosed in a custom gift box - making it a wonderful gift for yourself, or a loved one!


Q. How do I begin the Custom Mala process?

A. Click Here to purchase the Custom Mala Listing - I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your Custom Mala.

Q. How much does a Custom Mala Necklace cost:

A. Custom Prayer Bead Necklaces can vary in cost based on the gemstones used.  My standard price is $175 for a Handknotted Mala and $150 for a Non-Handknotted Mala.  This covers the most commonly used gemstones like Amethyst, Amazonite, Aventurine, Howlite, Tigers Eye, Jasper, Citrine, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Sandalwood, etc.  Rare stones may raise the price of a Custom Mala.  Any increase will be agreed upong prior to creating your Mala.

Q. How long does the Custom Mala process take?

A. From the time you place your order to the time you Mala ships is about 1-2 weeks.


Creating Custom Mala Necklaces for my clients is my favorite aspect of my business!  To Truly customize and create a special piece of art for someone that will bring them joy, comfort, and aide them in their journey is a blessing itself!

Your Intention is My Inspiration!














Amanda Jaten


Amanda Jaten

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